How to transfer RBC from Ctskola to rbcy.io wallet

Transfer RBC from Ctskola to rbcy.io wallet

Let’s look at how to deposit Ruby (RBC) from a Ctskola exchange to your rbcy.io wallet.

Today we will know How to Deposit Ruby (RBC) from Ctskola Exchange to rbcy.io Wallet.

How to Deposit Ruby (RBC) from Ctskola Exchange to rbcy.io Wallet.

Step-1. Log In to Your Ctskola Exchange.

Step-2. On the Home screen, tap “Funds”.

Step-3. Click on Ruby (RBC), and tap on “withdraw”.

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Step-4. Enter Your Destination Address “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. “rbcy.io wallet Address”

Step-5. Enter Your “RBC Volume”.

Step-6. Write Remarks and Click Proceed.

Step-7. Enter Mobile OTP Verification.

Step-8. Enter Email OTP Verification.

Your Ruby Asset (RBC) has been successfully transferred to your rbcy.io wallet.

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  1. I have done kyc on CTSKOLA many times but still not able to kyc. I was approved for the transaction, I bought and sold as well. Which is registered on ctskola. My mobile number is 89359 85500.

  2. Good afternoon sir,
    It has been observed that your website is not working properly i.e CTSKOLA. Server is down most of the time. Please take appropriate action.

  3. Please answer my question. Why can’t we sell Rubby coin. Should we wait till it is listed. Seek Seniors help.

  4. Dear
    Sir/Madom more than 18 days passed, but weekly pay which was first pay still pending, when it will release

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